5 ways from 1: Eggs

Take 1 key ingredient, whip up 5 delicious meals.
Eggs in a carton

You can’t pass-up on the humble egg. It’s an ingredient that we have in the fridge most of the time, so it’s always easy to put a meal together. From scrambled eggs to frittata there’s something here for everyone.

Bacon, egg and spinach stacks Bacon, egg and spinach stacks
These compact stacks make a filling savoury breakfast or brunch. You get the classic omelette ingredients – potatoes, baby spinach leaves, bacon and cheese – in one yummy package. Just pour the mixture into a 12-hole muffin tray and bake in the oven.

Zucchini loaf Zucchini loaf
This zucchini loaf is based around eggs, zucchini and low-fat cheese. It can be made in advance so it’s great for a weekend lunch or mid-week dinner. Serve cold or warm with a simple green salad for a healthy vegetarian meal.

Scrambled eggs on toast Scrambled eggs on toast with basil & proscuitto
Scrambled eggs are a breakfast classic. We've kept it low in fat by using skim milk and low-fat ricotta cheese instead of the usual cream and butter. Crisp prosciutto gives it a salty twist and the soy and linseed toast adds a solid dose of wholegrains.

Spanish potato omelette Spanish potato omelette
Otherwise know as tortilla, this omelette is a versatile Spanish staple. We’ve kept it simple with potatoes, onion, olive oil and paprika, but you can add variations according to personal taste. Mushrooms, beans, spinach, tomatoes – anything goes!

Capsicum and spinach frittata Capsicum and spinach frittata
This vegetarian frittata makes for a quick and easy meal. Serve with a simple side salad tossed with fat-free dressing. It is delicious served cold or warm.