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Find out how you can lose weight in your workplace
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Lose weight at work Lose weight at work
Follow the world’s leading weight loss program in your workplace. Each week a Weight Watchers leader will come to your office to deliver a one hour meeting which include confidential weigh-ins and discussions on weight loss topics. With the support of your colleagues, you can keep each other motivated while you work towards your goal weights.

The Australian weight crisis

Time to lose weight at work

Learn how to lose weight and keep it off
A combination of healthy eating, activity, support and behaviour changes has always been at the heart of our weight loss philosophy. It’s the reason why people who follow the Weight Watchers program learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good.

How does the ProPoints Plan work?
Each food is given a ProPoints value and it’s up to you how you ‘spend’ your allowance. The Weight Watchers program gives members a minimum of 26 ProPoints each day, plus 49 weekly ProPoints to spend as you please. You can also earn extra ProPoints for the exercise you do. This is our way to ensure you have the flexibility you need while you lose weight.

We’re always with you
Weight Watchers helps you stick with the program by being with you when and how you need us. We will surround you with support with our online community, Weight Watchers mobile apps and online tools in between meetings. We’ll teach you how to Track, how to take charge of your Spaces and help you set up new Routines that lead to lasting weight loss.

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We’re number 1 when it comes to weight loss
We’re the No. 1 global weight-loss organisation with over 50 years of experience. Take a look at the latest studies that prove we’re the best choice when it comes to weight loss.

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Commercial weight loss programs more effective
An NHS study has found that men and women who attend Weight Watchers classes shed more weight than those who went to other slimming clubs. Weight Watchers also offered the best value for money.

Weight Watchers ‘gold standard’
An independent randomised controlled trial by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Baruch College in the US found that Weight Watchers provides weight management treatments that are as good as ‘gold standard’ treatments delivered by healthcare professionals.

Lose twice as much
Research published by The Lancet showed that adults referred to Weight Watchers lose around twice as much weight as people receiving standard care over 12 months.

#1 Best weight loss diet
U.S. News & World Report released its 2013 Best Diets rankings. Once again, Weight Watchers is proud to be ranked #1 for “Best Weight Loss Diet,” “Easiest Diet to Follow,” and “Best Commercial Diet Plan.”