8 healthy homemade dip recipes

Whip up one of these healthy dips to use as sandwich spreads, top on rice cakes or go skinny dipping with veggies sticks.
8 healthy dips
Carrot and chickpea dip
This dip is great variation of regular hommus with the addition of carrots and ginger.
Pumpkin and cumin dip
Perfect for entertaining, try serving this healthy dip with vegie sticks, as well as the pita crisps.
Olive and red capsicum dip
This recipe makes the most of pantry cupboard ingredients to make a delightful dip, perfect for serving with vegetable crudites or as a condiment.
White bean dip
An easy no-fuss dip for every snacking occasion.
Spicy chickpea dip
This delicious recipe is a play on the traditional chickpea hommus, but without the tahini and olive oil.
Roasted beetroot dip
We've roasted the beetroot and garlic, and added low-fat natural yoghurt to keep it creamy.
Roasted capsicum dip
Add the sweet flavour and rich colour of roasted capsicums to nutty chickpeas for a hommus-style dip with a twist.
Middle Eastern eggplant dip
Cumin and fresh lemon juice give this eggplant dip a wonderful Middle Eastern flavour.

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