Weight Watchers in Pharmacy

Weight Watchers offers a range of sweet and savoury snack products and cookbooks through pharmacy. Our products have been developed to support members following the program by providing them with motivation, inspiration, education and tools, to help them lose weight.

All Weight Watchers Snacks are portion controlled and contain only 2 ProPoints values per serve, perfect to satisfy those special cravings without losing track of your weight loss.

Each Weight Watchers Cookbook contains more than 50 recipes so you can enjoy more great family moments – and manage your weight!

Our core pharmacy range includes:

Rich Toffee
Weight Watchers Rich Toffee Bars
Our Rich Toffee bars are a classic mix of toffee, milk chocolate and nougat with crisped cereal to satisfy your sweet cravings! Chewy nougat, a luxurious layer of smooth toffee and real milk chocolate, ideal for when your taste buds are looking for something indulgent! At only 2 ProPoints® values per bar, is there any better excuse to indulge?
Choc Crisp
Weight Watchers Chocolate Crisp Original Bar
The special combination of malted cocoa and puffed rice cereals smothered in chocolate create a pleasurable treat that can be enjoyed at any time! At only 2 ProPoints® values per bar, the combination of caramel cereal crisps and smooth milk choc, this will satisfy any sweet tooth.
Choc Caramel
Weight Watchers Chocolate Caramel Biscuit Bar
Delicious combination of milk chocolate, caramel, chocolate flakes, shortbread biscuit and cream pieces creates a chewy and scrumptious mouth full every time. Only 2 ProPoints® values per bar.
Sour Cream Chives.jpg
Weight Watchers Sour Cream & Chives Nibblies
These fresh creamy chive flavour nibblies are beautiful to enjoy anytime! Have them on their own, with healthy dips or as a crispy side-of-plate treat with a healthy lunch. Perfectly portion controlled and gluten free, we've packed the tasty flavour of sour cream and chives into these bite-size rice crackers. Each snack pack has a 2 ProPoints® values per 19g pack.
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