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Try these suggestions for five days of lunches to fill your lunchbox.
Man preparing lunch
Whether you’re eating at work, home, or out and about, add some interest to your midday munchies with our ideas.

If you’re stuck in a lunch rut then try these ideas to escape it. Lunch time doesn’t have to mean the same curling sandwiches day after day. Pack up a filling and tasty midday meal that will ensure you stay satisfied and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

Macaroni and vegetable soup
This soup is healthy, filling and a treat to eat. Make it once and it will be your instant favourite!
Serve with a bread roll filled with one slice of ham and salad and spread with mustard and a teaspoon of reduced fat butter.

Try an Iced pear muffin as a sweet treat to round off your lunch.

Lunchbox Layered Tuna Salad
Make a healthy sandwich filling directly in your lunchbox - without the bread!

Finish off with a banana and a Weight Watchers Choc Crisp bar.

Olive and red capsicum dip
A yummy dip, packed with Filling & Healthy Foods such as capsicum, olives and capers
Serve with crudités and a medium pitta bread.

Spicy dried fig and date slice
Make up a batch of these – they’re prefect for lunches.

Fat free, plain yoghurt.
Barbecue Chicken Wrap
These chicken wraps are super-easy. They use leftover barbequed chicken which is shredded, then tossed in a tasty sauce and served with fresh salad leaves, wrapped in tortillas.

Finish off with 2 plums.
Vegetarian pasta salad
Buy pre-cut ingredients and use your favourite fat-free dressing to save time.
Baked vegetable frittata
Perfect eaten with salad and easy to pack up for lunch.

Fruit Salad
Medium portion of strawberries, raspberries, an apple, and a kiwi fruit, topped with a small pot of low fat plain yoghurt

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