Filling & Healthy shopping list

A well-stocked kitchen can be key to weight-loss success.
Person holding shopping basket

Here's a list of essential food items to help make shopping and healthy eating on the ProPoints plan a breeze. Print the list and take it with you.

skim milk
low fat cheese
low fat cottage and ricotta cheese
low fat natural yoghurt

low fat salad dressing
wholegrain cereal (eg: bran flakes) natural rolled oats
tomato based pasta sauce
canned tomatoes (for cooking)
canned beans (kidney, chickpeas, etc)
canned fish (tuna and salmon)
olive oil spray
dried herbs and spices
soy sauce
mineral water

Fruit and veg
whole items such as apples and capsicums
frozen portions such as frozen vegies and berries
bagged mixed salad leaves

Eggs, seafood, meat and poultry
low fat bacon
lean cut deli meats
lean meats
fish and seafood
lean skinless chicken breast

grainy bread
wholemeal pasta
brown rice