Zero ProPoints value foods

Get our complete list of our zero ProPoints values foods.
Zero ProPoints value foods

Easy choices
It’s true - the best things in life are free and you’ll find plenty of foods have 0 ProPoints values. You can eat most fruit and vegies and some condiments, herbs and spices without dipping into your ProPoints Budget at all! This makes them no-brainer choices when you want a quick snack or to boost the flavour or overall size of your meal.

How can fruit be 0 ProPoints?
Fruits are nutritious foods that fill you up and provide your body with vitamins and fibre. We want to encourage you to eat them, which is why we’ve made most fresh, frozen and canned fruit 0 ProPoints values. To make this possible, we’ve factored the impact of even the highest kilojoule fruits into our calculations of your daily ProPoints allowance so you will still lose weight (even if you opt for bananas). So go for it! Aim for two serves a day – and, as with all food, stop when you’re satisfied.

Why do some vegies have ProPoints?
Like fruit, vegies are nutritious foods that fill you up and provide vitamins and fibre, so we want you to eat them. While most are 0 ProPoints values, starchy ones such as potatoes, green peas and corn have a higher energy density (kilojoules per weight) so we’ve allocated ProPoints to them to help you Track accurately. We didn’t have to do the same with fruit because the energy density of fruit is more consistent and clinical trials have shown members lose weight when fruit is 0 ProPoints values.

Vegies with ProPoints values
Sweet potato
Sweetcorn (excluding baby corn)
Peas (excluding sugar snap and snow peas)
Beans (excluding green, butter and snake beans, or bean sprouts)

Check your Guides or eTools for the exact ProPoints values of these vegetables in different quantities.

Flavour boosters
Flavour can be the difference between a memorable meal and one you’d rather forget (regardless of how filling or low in ProPoints values it was). Fortunately, it’s easy to add flavour with 0 ProPoints condiments and herbs and spices (see table below). Just a small sprinkle or a splash can transform the whole dish without blowing your ProPoints Budget.

0 ProPoints value condiments
Capers, bottled, drained, 1 tbs (17g)
Chutney, tomato, 1 tsp (6g)
Dressing, balsamic, 1 tsp (5ml)
Dressing, fat-free, all types, 1 tbs (20ml)
Dressing, French, reduced fat, 1 tbs (20ml)
Dressing, Italian, reduced fat, 1 tbs (20ml)
Horseradish cream, 1 tsp (6g)
Mayonnaise, low-fat, 1 tsp (6g)
Mustard, creamy style, 1 tbs (20g)
Mustard, sweet, 1 tbs (23g)
Onion, pickled, drained 1 (30g)
Paste, quince, 1 tsp (6g)
Sauce, steak, 1 tsp (5g)
Sauce, tabasco, 1 tbs (20ml)
Sauce, tabasco, hot pepper, 1 tsp (5ml)
Sauce, worcestershire, 1 tbs (20ml)
Vinegar, 1 tbs (20ml)
Vinegar, balsamic, 1 tbs (20ml)
Vinegar, red wine, 1 cup (250ml)

Some of these foods are only 0 ProPoints values for the quantities given here. Check your Guides or eTools for the exact ProPointsvalues of larger amounts.

0 ProPoints value herbs & spices
All spice, ground
Basil, dried
Basil, fresh
Bay leaf, dried
Cardamom pod
Cardamom, ground
Chervil, dried
Chervil, fresh
Chilli flakes
Chilli powder
Chilli, dried, ground
Chilli, green, raw
Chilli, red, raw
Chinese five spice
Chives, fresh
Cinnamon, ground
Cinnamon, quill
Coriander, dried
Coriander, fresh
Coriander seeds, ground
Cumin seeds, ground
Curry powder
Dill, fresh
Fennel seeds
Garam masala
Garlic, dried, powder or flakes
Garlic, fresh
Ginger, dried, ground
Ginger, fresh
Kaffir lime leaf
Lemongrass, fresh
Lemongrass, fresh
Mint, dried
Mint, fresh
Mixed herbs, dried
Mixed herbs, fresh
Mustard powder
Nutmeg, ground
Onion, dried
Oregano, dried
Oregano, fresh
Paprika, ground
Parsley, dried
Parsley, fresh
Paste, basil
Pepper, black or white
Preserved lemon
Rosemary, dried
Rosemary, fresh
Saffron, dried
Sage, fresh
Sage, ground
Salt, cooking
Salt, flavoured, non-iodised
Salt, rock
Salt, rock, flavoured
Salt, sea
Salt, substitute
Salt, table, iodised
Salt, table, non-iodised
Seasoning, cajun
Seasoning, dukkah
Seasoning, dukkah
Seasoning, lemon pepper
Seasoning, Moroccan
Seasoning, salt-based
Seasoning, tandoori
Seasoning, tandoori
Seasoning, za'atar
Seeds, caraway
Shallot, fried
Star anise
Sumac, ground
Taco seasoning mix, reduced-salt
Tarragon, dried
Thyme, dried
Thyme, fresh
Turmeric, dried
Turmeric, ground

Remember to use salt in moderation (some seasonings also contain salt). Check your Guides or eTools for the exact ProPoints values if using more than 1 tbs.