Breakfast on the go

Slept in? Too tired for breakfast? There's no need to skip the most important meal of the day with our super-speedy breakfasts to go.
Breakfast on the go
Running late is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast is like filling up an empty petrol tank. It provides the nutrients to fuel your start to the day, and can help you reduce snacking and avoid overeating later.

Munching on the run
Breakfast on the run isn't easy. I know a woman who balances a bowl of cereal between her legs, shoveling mouthfuls as she drives to work. She wears printed skirts so the milk spots don't show.

Fortunately, there are good speedy breakfasts which are a lot less hazardous and don't require a special wardrobe. We've compiled some "transport-friendly" suggestions to help you get a good start to your day quickly and easily.

Try apples, bananas, pears, peaches, or nectarines. All are low in kilojoules, contain fibre, and are perfect to drop into your bag as you race out the door. Eating some early in the morning will give you a head start on your two serves a day. Try having a few almonds with your fruit to help keep you full for longer.

High-fibre fruit toast
Just pop a slice of dense and hearty fruit loaf in the toaster and grab it on your way out the door. Spread with some low-fat cream cheese or fresh ricotta.

Breakfast or cereal bar
All you need to do is unwrap them. But read the label carefully as some are about as nutritious as a chocolate bar. Try a Weight Watchers Breakfast Bar which you can get from our Online Shop.

Hard-boiled egg
Mother Nature outdid herself with this one — eggs are highly nutritious, full of protein and a good source of vitamin B-12 and riboflavin. Eat it whole or slice it up and stick it between two slices of wholemeal bread.

For late-risers, here's a breakfast option you can make the night before: Combine ½ cup of low-fat yoghurt, a banana, four strawberries and ½ cup skim milk in a blender. Refrigerate overnight. In the morning add ice and blend until smooth.

At your desk
If you'd rather eat at your desk, here are some easy meals to take to work:

Instant oats
It's simple to keep packets of instant oats in your desk drawer. Just add hot water and you're set. They're high in carbohydrates and relatively low in kilojoules.

Breakfast sandwich
This is worth it for its high nutritional payoff. Simply place a slice of reduced-fat cheese, 50g lean ham and a sliced tomato between two pieces of wholemeal bread and cook in a preheated sandwich press when you get to work. You'll be getting fibre, protein, calcium and carbohydrates all in one.

Muesli and low-fat yoghurt
The classic healthy stand-by. Yoghurt is a good source of calcium while muesli is a great source of fibre. Add some bulk and sweetness with chopped fresh fruit such as strawberries or apples.

Bowl of cereal
Keep a box of your favourite cereal at work - it's much safer than the car. Tip into a bowl, add skim milk and, if you can, add some sliced banana or any other fruit you might have brought with you to work.