The 2007 Slimmer of the Year

Slimmers of the year

lost weight with a previous version of the Weight Watchers plan

Meet the 2007 Slimmer of the Year finalists and winner.

Every year, Weight Watchers celebrates its Members' success by running the Slimmer of the Year competition.

Every journey starts with a single step and for our seven 2007 Slimmer of the Year Finalists, the most important step was walking through the door of their first Weight Watchers Meeting.

Each of the 2007 finalists had a different reason for deciding to lose weight, but all of them knew it was time to change their lives for the better – physically, socially and emotionally. And the turnarounds have been incredible.

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2007 Australian finalists

Single mum Yvette from Victoria was motivated to lose over 50kg for her son, becoming the Australian 2007 Slimmer of the Year!

Genevieve from QLD was close to death before a chance reading of a Weight Watchers success story inspired her to take charge of her weight and health.

Down to earth Dad from NSW, Rodney, is thrilled to be passing his new-found healthy habits on to his kids.

Alaine, from SA, has gone from living as an overweight teenager to achieving her dream of joing the the army.

Amanda, WA, had to lose almost half her body weight before reconstructive knee surgery. Her weight loss helped make her recovery easier and inspired her surgeon to lose weight, too.
NZ Finalists

Trish, the NZ 2007 Slimmer of the Year, rediscovered her sparkling personality that had been hiding after losing 50kg.

Erin was encouraged to lose weight by her father and her overwhelming success as the South Island finalist would have made him proud.