Eating Out: Japanese

Enjoying a night out with friends or family made easy!
image of Japanese dish

Japanese food tends to be low in ProPoints® values and high in taste! Sushi is a great way to start experimenting with Japanese cuisine, but don't stop there. Teriyaki style dishes are a delicious way to stay within your ProPoints Allowance.

Mini Meal Plan ProPoints values
STARTER: Miso soup 1
MAIN: Soy braised salmon 14
DESSERT: Green tea ice cream (1 scoop) 4
Starters ProPoints values
Gyoza ( 1piece) 4
Calamari (2 pieces) 2
Baby Nori rolls (4 pieces) 4
Mixed tempura (100g) 4
Calamari (2 pieces) 2
Mains ProPoints values
Soba noodle salad 9
Gyu Don (Beef with rice) 11
Hot and sour beef ramen 6
Okonomiyaki (pancake) 10
Desserts ProPoints values
Assorted fresh fruit 0
Sake wine, 1 small glass (30ml) 1
Green tea ice cream (1 scoop) 4
Things to avoid... ProPoints values
Tonkatsu (pork fillet) 16
Prawn tempura (400g) 17

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