Sandwich cheat sheet

When you're at the sandwich shop, you're confronted by a display of sliced meats and fresh sandwich ingredients, but what should you chose?
We do the hard work for yuou with our interactive 'cheat sheet'. It adds up the ProPoints values for you by mixing together any sandwich combinations.

The sandwich story
When the sandwich was born back in the 18th century, it was just a slab of beef stuck between two slices of bread. But as society got more sophisticated, so did the humble sandwich. Now we fill our bread with salad, cheese, condiments and fancy cuts of meat.

Low kilojoule choices
Between cheese, bacon, avocado and mayo-based dressings, the kilojoules can add up quickly. With those items, you could be doubling your sandwich's ProPoints value. For low-kilojoule alternatives try spreading some mustard, low-fat hommus, tomato salsa, low-fat ricotta cheese or some fat-free salad dressing.

The right bread
It shouldn't shock you that wholegrain based breads are the healthier option. Two slices of wholemeal bread have a full ProPoints value less than two slices of white. Wholegrain wrap breads are also a great option for a sandwich base, or you can use rice cackes, Crustkits or Ryvitas.

Stuck in the middle
The best meat choices include sliced chicken, lean ham or roast beef. Many people are surprised to find that deli-style roast beef is a decent low-fat meat option. (100g of roast beef has fewer ProPoints values than 100g of tuna salad.) The meats that hold the higher kilojoules are the ones that have been heavily processed or treated such as salami or prosciutto.

Dress it up
A good rule of thumb is to choose condiments that are low in fat and high in taste. For example, a a teaspoon of mustard has 0 ProPoints values but gives your sandwich a serious flavour boost. Condiments like creamy mayonnaise and can add extra ProPoints. Be creative and add free fresh herbs like parsley and coriander.

TIP: Building a Sandwich
When you build a sandwich using our interactive stacker, be sure to note the portions. If you use two tablespoons of mayo in your sandwich, you should figure to double the ProPoints values. Also keep in mind that the guy behind your deli counter may be using more than the recommended amounts.