Eating Out: Fast Food

Enjoying a night out with friends or family made easy!
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Eating fast food when trying to losing weight is entering a ProPoints® value danger zone. But if you fall for the temptation, there are some healthy tricks. Order burgers without cheese and bacon, and add plenty of salad. If you can't resist a side of hot chips, order the smallest portion.

Mini meal plan ProPoints values
SIDE: McDonalds French Fries, small 7
MAIN: McDonalds Grilled Warm Chicken Salad, 1 serve, 326g 4
DESSERT: McDonalds soft serve cone 4
Side Dishes ProPoints values
Red Rooster peas, regular, 87g 2
KFC Coleslaw, regular, 110g 3
KFC Potato and Gravy, regular, 110g 2
Red Rooster Garlic Bread, 1 piece, 25g 2
Red Rooster Roast Potatoes (3 pieces) 6
KFC Dinner roll, 1 piece, 40g 3
Nandos Spicy Rice, 1 serve, 250g 8
Nandos Grilled Tenderloins (4 pieces, 170g) 6
McDonalds French Fries, medium, 104g 10
Mains ProPoints values
Subway Roast Chicken Salad, no dressing, 1 bowl, 378g 3
Subway 6-inch Veggie Delight, white/wheat bread 5
McDonalds Chicken 'n' Mayo Hamburger 9
Subway 6-inch Ham on white/wheat bread 7
Nandos Chicken Breast Pita, no mayo 8
Red Rooster Classic Roast Leg Meal 15
McDonalds Seared Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap 9
McDonalds Fillet-O-Fish burger 8
McDonalds Cheeseburger 7
Nandos Grilled Chicken Wrap, no mayo 6
Red Rooster Cheeseburger, 1 serve, 137g 11
Sumo Salad Warm Vietnamese Chicken (Large) 9
Sumo Salad Warm Thai Beef (Large) 8
Sumo Salad Warm Moroccan Lamb (Large) 8
Sumo Salad Grilled Tasmanian Salmon (Large) 8
Sumo Salad Lemon and Herb Chicken (Large) 10
Sumo Salad Red Quinoa & Garden Vege with baby spinach (Medium) 5
Sumo Salad Beef & Roast Pumpkin with balsamic onions (Medium) 6
Sumo Salad Peri Peri Chicken with sweet tomato chilli (Medium) 6
Sumo Salad Tandoori Chicken with light lemon mayo & sesame seeds (Medium) 7
Sumo Salad Tandoori Lamb with light lemon mayo (Medium) 7
Sumo Salad Hot Smoked Salmon with seeded mustard vinaigrette (Medium) 7
Sumo Salad Chicken & Avocado with honey, lime & coriander dressing (Medium) 8
Sumo Salad Mediterranean Lamb & Haloumi with balsamic dressing (Medium) 8
Sumo Salad Herb Chicken & Jalapeno Peppers with honey, lime & coriander dressing (Medium) 8
Sumo Salad Chicken Low GI with seeded mustard vinaigrette (Medium) 9
Red Rooster Chicken Wrap, skin-free 12
Red Rooster Chicken Baguette, skin-free 11
McDonalds McChicken Burger 11
McDonalds Seared Chicken Caesar Wrap 10
KFC Original Fillet Burger 11
Desserts ProPoints values
Subway Double Choc Chip Cookie 6
McDonalds Yoghurt and Muesli Cup 8
McDonalds Apple Pie 6
McDonalds Strawberry Sundae 8
Things to avoid... ProPoints values
McDonalds Big Mac 13
KFC Zinger Works Burger 15
McDonalds Grand Angus 16
McDonalds M&M Minis McFlurry 13
Red Rooster Crispy Fillet Burger 14
Subway 6-inch Spicy Italian 13
KFC Sweet Chilli Twister 14
Nandos Veggo Supremo Burger with mayo 16