Easter treats and their ProPoints values

Make the most of the Easter long weekend with our Easter survival guide! Compare hot cross buns to chocolate eggs and make the best choices for weight loss.
Hot cross buns
Get our Hot Cross Buns recipe here!

Divert your attention
Not all Easter activities need to involve food. Inject some energy and keep life exciting. Buy a new outfit, use the public holidays to go for walks in the lighter mornings or tackle those tasks you've been putting off. Incidental activity will earn you Activity ProPoints values too!

Treat yourself
Your eating plan does not have to mean you have to completely miss out. Treat yourself to an Easter egg. If allowing yourself one egg stops you jumping off the wagon, then have one. But before you reach out to that Giant Lindt Bunny - read our comparison below so you can make smarter choices.

Easter bakery ProPoints values
Woolworths Fresh Hot Cross Bun, 1 bun, 75g 6
Brumby’s Hot Cross Bun, 1 bun, 70g 5
Tip Top traditional Easter Bun, 1 serve, 75g 6
Baker’s Delight Choc Chip Hot Cross Bun, 1 bun, 65g 7
Bakers Delight Hot Cross Bun, Fruit, 1 bun 65g 6
Coles Easter Bun, fruit/fruitless, 1 bun, 80g 6
Tip Top Café Range Hot Cross Bun, 1 bun, 88g 7
Wendy's Flake Donut, 1 donut, 80g 9
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Donut, 1 donut, 66g 8
Coles Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun, 1 bun, 90g 7
Baker's Delight, Hot Cross Bun, Mocha, 1 bun, 67g 8
Easter chocolate and confectionery ProPoints values
Lindt Dark/Milk Chocolate Bunny, 1 bunny, 100g 15
Lindt White Chocolate Bunny, 1 bunny, 100g 16
Darrell Lea, Soft Nougat Chocolate Egg, 1 serve, 25g 3
Cadbury Crème Egg, 1 egg, 39g 5
Cadbury Dairy Milk, Solid Egg, 1 egg, 7g 1
Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunny, 1 whole, 150g 22
Malteeser Easter Bunny, 1 bunny, 30g 4