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Recipe Finder and Builder
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Sam Belsham, 31, lost 17.3kg in 26 weeks with Meetings at Wellington, NZ with Leader Rebekah Ward
unlimited weight loss options

What is Unlimited?

Weight Watchers Unlimited combines weekly meetings with our eTools, our online companion for weight loss. You'll get support and information in your meeting, plus log in via your computer or mobile app to access your food and exercise Tracker, recipe builder, ProPoints calculator and more. People who attend Weight Watchers meetings and use eTools lose 50% more weight on average than those who attend weekly Meetings alone.* Best of all, it’s our cheapest payment plan and best value for money.
unlimited weight loss options

What does eTools include?

Plan Manager: Track your food and exercise
ProPointscalculator: Calculate food and exercise ProPoints
Find & Explore: Browse over 3,000 recipes and food ideas
Recipe Builder: Create healthier versions of your favourite recipes
Weight Tracker: See how far you’ve come and get progress reports
Community: Join the community and take part in Challenges to keep you focused
unlimited weight loss options
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