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Simple Start

An easy 2 week kick-start to proven
weight loss success.
weight watchers simple start

Kick start your weight loss

Simple Start is an easy two week meal plan designed to get your weight loss off to a fantastic start. It really is simple —all you need to do is choose from our lists of good-for-you meals and snacks.Compare our program options and get start today.
weight watchers simple start meal builder

No Tracking or counting

By doing Simple Start, you’ll know what to eat to be satisfied and start losing weight. You don’t have to Track or measure portion sizes. Instead you’ll choose from our tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. There’s even room for extras like wine, cheese and chocolate.
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Choose your favourite ingredients

You’ll never get bored of eating the same foods. As well as our Simple Start meal options, you’ll learn how easy it is to create your own recipes and snacks. It’s as easy as tapping in the ingredients you like. You can swap out options and add flavour boosts to suit your taste.
watchers simple start

Take the app everywhere

The best part of Simple Start is that you can access the meal ideas wherever you go via your Android or iOS smart phone. Log into the Simple Start app whenever it suits you to browse, tap, swipe and create.
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