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Simple Start

  • Eat hundreds of delicious foods 7 days a week
  • Great weight loss results right from the start
  • No fasting, no counting, no measuring

No hard work

With Simple Start we've done the hard work for you. Pick your meals and snacks from the list without having to fast, count or measure.

Room for treats

We’ve made sure there’s plenty of room for extras each day like chocolate or a glass of wine. With our list of healthy snack ideas you’ll never go hungry.

Use the app

Simple Start is just the beginning - once you have a taste for the Filling & Healthy foods at the heart of the ProPoints system, you can start flexing the plan around your needs.

No boring foods

You’ll never get bored of the same foods. As well as our Simple Start meal options, you’ll learn how easy it is to create your own recipes and snacks.

Life after Simple Start

Simple Start is just the beginning - once you finish the two week meal plan, we’ll show you how to flex the ProPoints plan around your needs.

Go back to basics or refocus

You can always come back to Simple Start at any time to refocus and get back to enjoying Filling & Healthy foods.


Transition to ProPoints

After a couple of weeks on Simple Start, you’ll be ready for everything else Weight Watchers has to offer. Weight Watchers unique ProPoints system is designed with real life in mind. It offers you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want and achieve the healthy weight loss you want. Based on proven, nutrition science, our ProPoints system guides you to healthier eating and a more active lifestyle – in a way that suits you best.If you love the way Simple Start works, you can carry on eating these great Filling & Healthy foods whilst following our ProPoints system – we’ll just give you some ideas and tactics to keep it flexible and interesting.

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