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BBQ chicken and hokkien salad,
6 ProPoints per serve.
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Skip the diet - learn to eat

Eating what you enjoy makes for a weight-loss plan you can stick with, unlike low-carb, high protein diets, shakes and pills. That's why on our plan you chose the foods you like to eat while staying within your personal ProPoints budget. It's an easy way to keep weight loss simple. When you get started, try Weight Watchers Simple Start. It’s a two week no-fuss meal plan designed to get your weight loss off to a great start.

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Learn how to use ProPoints

ProPoints values are our easy way of assessing the nutritional value of food and the benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. This makes Tracking as simple as adding up the numbers or choosing items from our online database and Tracking them with a tap. By sticking to your personal ProPoints budget based on your gender and height, you can you lose up to 1kg per week.

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Cooking made easy

Have you heard the saying ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever’? That saying sums up what our weight loss program is all about. We’ll provide you with recipes and teach you cooking techniques that will stay with you forever. That way you’ll have the skills to maintain your weight loss after you reach goal weight.

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You’ll never go hungry

Perhaps the best part of our program is that you’ll never feel hungry. Fresh fruits and vegetables are free of ProPoints so you’ll learn how to bulk up your meals and snacks the healthy way. We also have a range of Weight Watchers foods . From nut bars to fruit tubs, we offer products, snacks and portion controlled sweet treats. Our on the shelf and frozen meals are great for those grab and go moments when you don’t have time to cook. When it comes to eating – we’ve got you covered.
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